Positive thinking – 5 steps towards positive thinking

You`ve often heard your friends saying “Hey, it`s ok! Try to look at the bright side!” whenever they saw you down. The thing that your friends don`t know when they tell you this is that they help you develop positive thinking, and positive thinking is the one that helps you get over things. In order to think positive, you should be an optimistic person and believe in the power of positive thinking.

We all got our problems and bad thoughts that not only darken our souls, but also reflect upon our health. Psychologists say that positive thinking helps you live longer and have a healthy life. I personally believe that if you think positive, all of your problems will seem piece of cake. Besides, us, the ones from LGBT community are known for being happy and also for  our positive thinking, so let`s stay the same! Here are 5 tips that will help you adopt a positive thinking attitude, presented as baby steps.

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Five mistakes at work that you should avoid

You probably consider the mistakes people do at work a cliche by now, but trust me that they keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over again, until they eventually get fired or penalized for them. So here you will find the top 5 mistakes employees do at their workplaces.

1. The boss is underestimated …

I know, don`t we all hate to be patronized, being told what to do or have a deadline for a project? It often happens that when we make a mistake at work, our boss forgives us and tells us that we should be more careful next time. This is one of the good reactions towards mistakes at work, and this is why we tend to see our boss as a good and caring one and even think that we are allowed to make mistakes. WRONG!

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Domestic violence is not an option!

We see acts of violence everyday on TV or even in front of our eyes. Mothers beating up their children for not being obedient or husbands that slap their wives in front of their own kids. The cause of domestic violence may be the lack of money because of the financial crisis, alcohol, and it can also appear when unfaithfulness settles in.

Usually after a “good” fight, the agressor says that he`s sorry or that he didn`t mean it. This is why domestic violence keeps on repeating in certain families or couples when the ones who hit were forgiven for too many times. Domestic violence not only ruins marriages, but it can also ruin futures or endanger lives. It often happens that the one who was beaten up will even accept humiliation in the future and do things just to please the other one, in order to avoid other episodes of domestic violence.

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4 tips for saving money

As I said in my previous article, due to the financial crisis we should be a lot more careful with our money, because the business is now getting serious. Here I am going to present you 4 tips for saving money, tips that I`ve tried myself and I can tell you that they really work when it comes to saving money. Money talks!

1. Do I REALLY need this?!

Ok, ok. You should aim for money saving, right? Well, I know how it feels to go shopping for food and you just pass by a shoe store. You stop, stare, and enter it without any intention of buying something ( at least at the beginning). After an hour, you get out of the shop with so many bags that you can`t even carry and a half-empty credit card. Try to think if that`s really what you need right now, when you should be in for money saving.

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Financial crisis – death penalty?!

Money really makes the world spin. Money is essential for and every single one of us and this is why we have to take care how we spend it. No more Gucci bags, no more Jimmy Choo shoes, `cause we are in the middle of the financial crisis and we can`t afford spending a single penny on things that are less useless, like we once used to do.

The financial crisis and lack of money affects all of us, every country has to find its way to deal with the financial crisis and get out of it as soon as possible. Some countries, like Romania, decided that they should cut off 25% of the salaries and 15% of pensions, which is totally unacceptable. It`s really hard to live with only three quarters of your initial salary per month, keeping in mind that banks don`t care if there is a financial crisis, they just want you to pay your loans.

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Dirty talk

No matter if you`re a man or a woman, straight, gay, lesbian or transgendered, you may have the dirty talk fetish. Nowadays, when you are making love you involuntary develop some other fetishes that can turn you on, mentally mostly. Dirty talk is one of them, if is quite a frequent fetish and it depends on how active your imagination is.

On the other hand, the dirty talk can cause to some of us inhibition, so the desire for making love almost disappears instantly. I personally think it is all a matter of perception nd it depends on the type of character each and every one of us has. Dirty talk can sometimes be fun, while other times dirty talk can cause really unpleasant situations – such as the one when you are being slapped for offending your girlfriend without the intention of doing so.

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5 tips for killing loneliness and depressions!

It`s perfectly normal to feel like sometimes there`s just nobody perfect for you and maybe you are not designed to love. We all felt this way because we are humans, and I`m telling you that at least for me, the feeling of loneliness usually comes before a massive depression and anxiety moments that are just not pleasant at all! You can  say to yourself that you are able to be on your own, but there are some moments when you feel like you could use somebody to have a cup of tea with you.  I am going to show you 5 ways for killing loneliness and prevent depressions that come as a following of being lonely!

1. Get a confident!

No, when i`m telling you to get a confident I wasn`t talking  about a psychologist, but about a friend that knows how to listen to you crying your eyes out  about ways for killing loneliness. You know, saying your problems out loud really helps and makes you feel better. Moreover, you prevent depressions if you spent hours talking on the phone with your friend and ask him or her for ways to kill loneliness and prevent anxiety. He or she would probably get annoyed at the beginning, but a good friend knows how and when to listen to you so everything is going to be okay.

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Life today, without fighters for LGBT equal rights

I have to admit that I don`t use to talk very often about equal rights because I don`t feel like I could change something about the equal rights, these equal rights being relative. But I do agree upon the fact that we owe the life we are living today to those people who stood up and faught for equal rights and anti discrimination. They are indeed modern heroes that sacrificed their lives for us to have a better life than theirs.

Although nowadays in many countries there is no such thing as equal rights and there is nothing likely to change in the next 10 years or so, whether if we`re talking about equality between genders or religion or equal rights when it comes to gay couples, lesbian and transsexual couples. The world has changed a lot for the past five decades, and we can see that because in many countries there were legalized the same gender marriages, which was practically the hardest step to be made for equal rights.

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Life, as seen through four eyes

When you got somebody to share your life with, you basically see life through both your and his eyes. It`s like you`re no longer two bodies but one, and life seems easier and much more pleasant this way. It is essential to have somebody next to you , to hold you and tell you that the troubles you encounter with during your life are piece of cake, because he`s going to be there for the whole life, protecting and love you “till death will pull you appart”.

There will be happy moments, there will be sad moments and even break ups during your life, but you will see that everytime you will get the force to get through them and go on living your life just the way you`re used to. It is said that since the very beginning, when two people love each other they become one and continue to live their life as a single soul. I personally think it`s really so, although there are two bodies it`s just a single soul.

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Spring came!

Spring has finally come, get ready for it! Good… because I started becoming sick of winter and cold weather and I couldn`t wait for spring to come and help us get rid of all the depressions we had during autumn. Althought I`m not quite a fan of sun or sunbathing, it`s nice to go out and have a picnick or a barbecue with your friends and family in a sunny day. You know how it feels like, you just want to relax, enjoy the spring and listen to the birds singing and forget of all the stress at work.

Spring is one of the four seasons and reffers to springtime, the period before summer when we are feeling more alive than ever. Not only does spring bring heat and sunny days, but this is the time of the year when leaves are starting to grow and flowers to blossom, enchanting us with the sight and smell. This way everything comes back to life, slowly but surely. It`s lovely to just grab a book and a pillow and sit in the grass, letting the wind go through your hair.

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